Alice In Wonderland

An interactive story of Alice in Wonderland that brings your naïveté and curiosity back.

Hanyu Zhao


The project I picked is adapted from the famous novel Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Although it’s a novel repeatedly recomposed by many writers or movie makers, I want to use the web browser to create an interactive experience for others to take part in Alice’s choices and really get to know how simple, erudite, and full of imagination Alice is. I believe Alice In Wonderland is not just a fairytale or merely a book for children. Russell once quotes it many times to illustrate profound philosophical questions. Though being adults, we shouldn’t lose our initial curiosity about the world. This is what I try to convey by incorporating users’ choices in Alice’s own story. Therefore, I’m going to create various options for different scenarios, most of which unexpected or need users to jump out of the box to get the correct answer. The two central themes that I want to convey through creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere is: dream and reality have no black-and-white boundary; never forget where we started and always remember to be curious and innocent.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab