Curious Cubes: Group Show

A collection of cube shaped objects that people can interact with through intangible interaction. The cube’s functionality or personality will not be communicated through the physical form of the object, instead, users will find them out through the process of interacting with them.

Atchareeya Name Jattuporn, Lu Lyu, Rae Ruilin Huang


Fishing Cube by Lu Lyu

I want to put the experience of fishing into a small box. As I move slowly and gently in such a tiny box, a feeling about a bigger space of leisure and peace lies in this box.

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Dying for Attention Cube by Rae Ruilin Huang

What if a cube has a personality of a 3-year-old?

With this thought in mind, I made a cube that responds and reacts to human's touches. The cube has hair sticking up and when you touches it, depends on direction, it will run towards or away from you. If you didn't touch the hair in the right way, it will shake its body dramatically to show repulsion. If you leave it along for too long, every few seconds it will move one step forward cautiously. By the time you realize, it has probably run to a corner far away from you.

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Dusty Cube by Atchareeya Name Jattuporn

Dusty Cube is a device that visualizes the air quality in the room by measuring the amount of PM2.5 in the air. Inside the cube, there are tiny fiber-optic cables placed in a shape of grass represented us as a living organism in a polluted circumstance. If the air quality is good the grass turn green. if not, they turned out to be more toxic colors. The color of the grass illustrates the air quality level dividing into 6 distinct categories based on an air quality basics level.

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IMA/ITP New York
Intangible Interaction

ITP Weather Band: Debut Performances

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music by playing weather data collected from a DIY weather station with custom software and hardware musical instruments. Come see our debut performances!

Arnab Chakravarty, Atchareeya Name Jattuporn, Brent Bailey, Sid Chou, Chun Song, Nuntinee Tansrisakul, Schuyler DeVos, Yeseul Song


What does today’s weather sound like?

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music by playing weather data collected from a DIY weather station with custom software and hardware musical instruments. The band uses sound and music as a medium for delivering information about our immediate environment through the auditory sense.

We have been working together both in-person and remotely for the past semester as a group to implement the weather station system that collects a variety of weather data with environmental sensors and post the data to a database. Each band member created a unique musical instrument that gets the weather data from the database and turns them into weather-themed auditory sound and music.

This is the band’s debut performance where we introduce the weather station system and demonstrate the musical instruments in show & tell style.

Come join us!

🥁 Line-Up

– Introduction: Meet the Weather Band and the Weather Station system!

– Temperature Bells by Schuyler W DeVos: The playback rate of a bell is mapped from 0.1-2 across a list of temperature readings for a week. Colder temperatures make the bells slower, warmer temperatures make the bells faster.

– Wind Visualizer and Cymbals Monkey by Sid Chou: Wind Visualizer is a simple physics simulation to spatialize experience of wind. Cymbals Monkey is a cheerful robot that plays cymbals based on wind gust data.

– Spatial Wind Sound Composition by Chun Song: Simulate a spatial sound experience of being an extraterrestrial being who would hear sounds as particles or overtones laid out in space. Some partiels would be blown away by winds.

– Wind Guitar by Atchareeya Jattuporn (Name): An instrumental sculpture that can be collaboratively performed by humans and nature. The sculpture will visualize wind directions measured from the ITP weather station in the form of sound.

– Weather Radio by Nuntinee Tansrisakul: Tune-in to the weather station in East Village, NY.

– Weather Lamp by Arnab Chakravarty: An interactive lighting object that turns abrupt changes in weather visualized as soft patterns

– The Weather, Probably by Jesse Simpson: An interactive MIDI score generator where the user decides the relevance of each weather event. 

🧸 Credits

– Faculty Leads/Advisors: Yeseul Song, Tom Igoe

– Weather Station System Development: Brent Bailey, Arnab A Chakravarty, Yeseul Song, and previously Rushali Paratey

– Weather Station System Development Support and Advisement: Tom Igoe

🌤 Weather Station

The weather station is currently installed in East Village in Manhattan during the quarantine, but will be moved back to 370 Jay once the building opens again.

* ITP Weather Band is presented by ITPower, a research group that explores ways to contribute to a sustainable future with creative uses of technology.

IMA/ITP New York
Intangible Interaction