An interactive sketch that illustrates the positive correlation between positivity and progress.

Kennedy Cambra-Cho


This is an interactive installation that depicts the relationship between positivity and progress using the speech library and sentiment analysis.Growth and progress are reflected in each additional branch added to the tree.

The p5 sketch will depict a seedling that will progress or regress depending on the users’ input. Using the built in microphone, users are able to talk to the budding seedling. If the tree intakes words deemed positive, the seedling will continue to grow. However, if only negative terms are registered the tree's growth will halt and stall.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Creative Coding Lab

Gun Grave

A music box consists of 3d printed AK47 and knitted flowers. It interprets empathy, peace and love.

Muru Chen


Gun Grave is a music box. The song adapts Merry Christmas Mr. Larence. The music box consists of knitted flowers, 3D printed AK47 and hay powder. This project express the wish for peace and the emphathy for the children who suffered war. But this product is not only for those children, but also for those who live in peace.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Toy Design and Prototyping

Shape of Chords

Visualize chords on the complex plane using Fourier transform at root frequency.

Daniel Chin


(Click “Learn More” to play!) There are many interesting visualization methods for pitches and chords. For example, you can put sand on a vibrating plate and patterns will form; you can shine a laser on a vibrating balloon and the reflection will draw cool shapes on a wall. These methods, however, are not mathematically unique. If you do the experiment with different equipment you will get different results. My approach, however, is free of arbitrary parameters. I want to show the one true shape of chords.


Communications lab projects

Project done for communications lab

Max Blinov


1. 30MFF (30 minute film festival). We were supposed to do a video of our choice within 30 minutes

2. Comic. A comic about the pandemic (where it all began)

3. Audio project. Here we were supposed to implement a website that includes user interaction and sound.

4. Video project (TBD)

IM Abu Dhabi
Communications Lab


In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, two NYU Abu Dhabi students aurally document their lives, being 8,656 km and 7 hours apart from each other—with one in Cairo, Egypt, and the other in Jeju, Korea.

Logaine Elshafie, Amy Kang


“[A]PART” is an aural documentation of our (Amy's and Logaine's) two different lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which made us return back home to Korea and Egypt in the middle of the Spring 2020 semester at New York University Abu Dhabi. Being approximately 8,656 km and 7 hours away from each other, we hoped to illustrate how different our day-to-day lives are, even in terms of what we hear, which many of us don’t usually think about. However, we also wanted to emphasize that despite being physically apart from each other, we are still a part of the NYU Abu Dhabi community and can keep in contact via the internet. The user can listen to the recorded sounds by hovering over each photo while scrolling down the one-page website.

IM Abu Dhabi
Communications Lab

ITP Weather Band: Debut Performances

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music by playing weather data collected from a DIY weather station with custom software and hardware musical instruments. Come see our debut performances!

Arnab Chakravarty, Atchareeya Name Jattuporn, Brent Bailey, Sid Chou, Chun Song, Nuntinee Tansrisakul, Schuyler DeVos, Yeseul Song


What does today’s weather sound like?

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music by playing weather data collected from a DIY weather station with custom software and hardware musical instruments. The band uses sound and music as a medium for delivering information about our immediate environment through the auditory sense.

We have been working together both in-person and remotely for the past semester as a group to implement the weather station system that collects a variety of weather data with environmental sensors and post the data to a database. Each band member created a unique musical instrument that gets the weather data from the database and turns them into weather-themed auditory sound and music.

This is the band’s debut performance where we introduce the weather station system and demonstrate the musical instruments in show & tell style.

Come join us!

🥁 Line-Up

– Introduction: Meet the Weather Band and the Weather Station system!

– Temperature Bells by Schuyler W DeVos: The playback rate of a bell is mapped from 0.1-2 across a list of temperature readings for a week. Colder temperatures make the bells slower, warmer temperatures make the bells faster.

– Wind Visualizer and Cymbals Monkey by Sid Chou: Wind Visualizer is a simple physics simulation to spatialize experience of wind. Cymbals Monkey is a cheerful robot that plays cymbals based on wind gust data.

– Spatial Wind Sound Composition by Chun Song: Simulate a spatial sound experience of being an extraterrestrial being who would hear sounds as particles or overtones laid out in space. Some partiels would be blown away by winds.

– Wind Guitar by Atchareeya Jattuporn (Name): An instrumental sculpture that can be collaboratively performed by humans and nature. The sculpture will visualize wind directions measured from the ITP weather station in the form of sound.

– Weather Radio by Nuntinee Tansrisakul: Tune-in to the weather station in East Village, NY.

– Weather Lamp by Arnab Chakravarty: An interactive lighting object that turns abrupt changes in weather visualized as soft patterns

– The Weather, Probably by Jesse Simpson: An interactive MIDI score generator where the user decides the relevance of each weather event. 

🧸 Credits

– Faculty Leads/Advisors: Yeseul Song, Tom Igoe

– Weather Station System Development: Brent Bailey, Arnab A Chakravarty, Yeseul Song, and previously Rushali Paratey

– Weather Station System Development Support and Advisement: Tom Igoe

🌤 Weather Station

The weather station is currently installed in East Village in Manhattan during the quarantine, but will be moved back to 370 Jay once the building opens again.

* ITP Weather Band is presented by ITPower, a research group that explores ways to contribute to a sustainable future with creative uses of technology.

IMA/ITP New York
Intangible Interaction

Visual Emotions: A Multi-sensory Documentary Photography Series

It is an audiovisual installation that creates a sonic viewing experience for digital photography.

Zeping Fei


Visual Emotions: A Multi-sensory Documentary Photography Series is an audiovisual installation that creates a sonic viewing experience for digital photography. Photographic contents were shot on one of the oldest and most vibrant morning markets in Harbin and audio contents were recorded separately during each shooting process. Field recordings are analyzed as audio spectra in Touchdesigner that affect positions, colors, brightness, and sizes of pixels in rendered photos. In my photography world, each shutter press is triggered by an emotional resonance between the self and the environment, and the use of audio data translates these personal emotions that arise from each situation and are unique to each photograph. By engaging both visual and auditory sensations from the audience, this project proposes an alternative to displaying and viewing photographic works and. This work aims for arousal in people’s photography viewing experience and opens up more space for imagination and interpretation of visual and audio information. It intends to reflect on how economic instability caused by COVID-19 is gradually affecting common people’s living conditions. This series translates the artist’s emotional resonance with the pandemic, speaks for the calmness within ordinary as well as the longing for hope within helplessness during the toughest time in human history.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Capstone Studio (Shanghai)

Noise and lulu's dream

I am using the noise data outside my window at night to visualize how reality is being reboardcasted into my dream.

Lu Lyu


I never dream when I first come to new york. New York is noisy. However, during this time, the noise outside seems to be the most accessible reality of the outside world. By capturing data of the noises outside my window, I start to see my sleep is a combination of reality and my dream. So I am trying to visualize it.

IMA/ITP New York
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The World, Pixel By Pixel, Data and Publics