The Rescue Arm

A virtual arm controlled by the physical arm, could be applied to complete certain task in difficult geography areas.

Ziqi Yan


This is a robot hand which can go through extreme geographical situations and rescue people or does other tough tasks which human are not able to get access in person.

To make the hand mimic the human biological movement, there will be a receiving arm ties to the user’s arm and send the joint move and the grip pressure to the computer. There will also be an acting arm made of special materials that can get through all kinds of tough situations and do the task on the scene. The acting arm will also and has a camera attached sending the real-time video to the computer. The computer will show the current scene of the acting arm to the user, the user can adjust their following movement according to the real-time reflection.

However, in this project, I am not going to build an acting arm, but I will show the corresponding scene by sketching it out by Processing.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Interaction Lab

Netflix 2019: What to See Next

The visualization shows the categorized shows on Netflix in 2019

Ziqi Yan


Netflix is a streaming media company that has a huge impact on the world media industry, there are over 167 million subscribers all around the globe which made it the king of streaming. The company is famous for its great contents and it is attracting more and more audiences through its well-established programs.

Netflix is attracting more and more people through its recommendation system which brings up better user experience. As the book Technologies of Vision: The War Between Data and Images by Steve F. Anderson introduces, Netflix aims to take the user viewing history as the database to analyze the aesthetic preferences of its users.

This visualization is to show you what you may see next according to the video category. It will stand on different viewpoints, and show you a simplified function of the recommendation system.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Critical Data & Visualization