Form2Shape is a tool that enables communication and web designers to create abstract graphics while learning about the history of design. I extracted abstract 2D shapes from iconic industrial designs of the 20th century that designers can easily customize and use in their own work.

S.J. Zhang


Form2Shape is built for digital designers who want to learn more about 20th century industrial design history. Since all digital designs ultimately extend into real life, I believe learning broader design principles ultimately will make better digital designers. In a world where designers share templates and assets over the internet, new projects rarely have to start from scratch. That led me to think that it might be possible to slip in a piece of design history education to designers during the asset hunting process. So I built a tool where designers can quickly find abstract shapes, customize and use them. The twist is that all the shapes are inspired by iconic furniture and product designs of the 20th century. I hope when they pick an arbitrary shape for the look, they would spend a minute learning about where it came from.

IMA/ITP New York
Thesis Part 2: Production
ToolService,Product Design