Composition in Confinement

Composition in confinement is a new media performance where the world outside is re-interpreted is search of a personal physical voice for our current beauty.

Defne Onen


I find that I’m really interested in the untold story of the two procedures of artistic and technical aspects of a project growing together and learning from each other; being in constant dialogue.

What does this growth look like in my work? Can I depict this in a performance? Can I turn this dialogue into an underlying structure that I can keep using?

How can I build an immersive environment, a choreographed world or a performance within my home to bring my body and my mind together? How can I depict this world through light and movement?

IMA/ITP New York
ITPG-GT.2175.001, ITPG-GT.2102.00004
Choreographic Interventions, Thesis