Interacting with Abydos

Interactive exhibition that focuses on the Abydos excavation site in Egypt.

Elizabeth Chiappini, Ge Chang, Katie Han, Sydney Meyers


Interacting with Abydos is an interactive digital exhibition that focuses on the Abydos Excavation site in Egypt. Abydos is an ancient site where archeologists have uncovered a 5,000 year old history. Our exhibition aims to leverage innovative technology used by the archeology team at Abydos to create interactive experiences that demystify life in ancient Abydos. We worked closely with Matthew Adams, a senior research scholar at NYU who has been working on the Abydos site since 1999.

In this exhibition, presented as a website, we reveal the everyday life of people in Ancient Egypt based on what the artifacts from the Abydos site tell us. The physical installation, shown through 3D renderings of the space, imagines a large-scale exhibition where people can learn about the excavation site and findings in person. The digital interactive adapts the journey of the exhibition into a desktop experience.

IMA/ITP New York
Playful Communication of Serious Research