Lost for One Hour

A interactive documentary on the web page telling the story of this boy being dumped and what happened in one hour.

Tang Sheng



This project tells a story about a boy who is dumped by his girlfriend, thus feeling lost and wondering in the city of Suzhou for one hour. The story is basically linear and chronological. Five video clips are included. One of them is an introduction, and the rest of them each tells the viewers what happened at a certain time point in that one hour. The main user interaction included in the project is hovering. The user will hover a clock for a certain length of time and jump to the next section when the clock turns black and white completely, representing the time flying away. The play is written by myself based on my own experience. I directed the video clips by myself and had my best friend Yiyang Shen act as the leading role. As for the style of the documentary, I intentionally constructed it with a low frame rate and low saturation, with a certain style of background music, in homage to Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai , in order to create a sentimental atmosphere and demonstrate the complicated emotions of the leading role.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab