Mom's Qingming Mochi

A project of refreshing style about Chinese culture, Qingming Mochi and love.

Hanyu Zhao


The theme I choose for my project is Mom’s Qingming Mochi. In this project, I try to incorporate both cultural and personal aspects. Qingming Mochi is a typical Chinese snack, especially popular in the region where I live. It’s also very meaningful to me because my mom always makes me Qingming Mochi when I was small. I want to build a both informational, aesthetic, and interesting experience for my users. With this idea in mind, I developed mom’s secret recipe part to let my users have a taste of what Qingming Mochi is made of. I also build the choosing ingredient mini-game to make my project more fun. Moreover, I shoot the videos in an aesthetic way to create an artistic environment. What’s worth noticing is that almost all my background music comes from the famous documentary A Bite of China. I hope that it can create a similar atmosphere as the documentary being cultural and absorbing.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab