Purell Wonderland

Purell Wonderland is an organic virtual place designed for making fun of social or behavioral responses to coronavirus.

Dan Qi Qian



Purell Wonderland is designed in a time when quarantine first started, and our social behavior was just being deployed to assuage fears, understand risk, improve public health and implement social distancing strategies.

For the designer herself, she got bored for staying at her room in the first 2 weeks in the quarantine, and was touched by new-born flowers once she went out for a walk. She believes we all have some connections with the nature and that matters.

That's why she designed a place where provides exposure to a virtual nature and humor to help ease coronavirus anxiety. The landscape is shaped with graphical lines into the look of hand sanitizer, an essential object in current social environment, but it's hard to recognize until you reach to a higher place.

IMA/ITP New York
Synthetic Architectures