Racing Motorcycle

An interactive game-wearing a special helmet, user could control the motorcycle on the screen by tipping his/her head.

Jia Ni Yu


Racing Motorcycle is a game that aims to provide users an interesting interactive experience. Wearing a special helmet, users could control the motorcycle on the screen by tipping their heads to avoid the obstacles on the road and gain scores.

The project is based on the race games on the phone, where we turn the phone to control the direction of a car. However, Racing Motorcycle applies a new way of interaction. Controlling the motorcycle by tipping the head imitates the true situation when a motorcycle driver tips his body to change the direction. The design also makes the experience more interesting and unique.


– Tip your head to left, right or upright direction to control the motorcycle and avoid the obstacles.

– Stay your head tipped to keep the motorcycle running in a certain lane.

– The longer you go through, the higher score you will get.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Interaction Lab