Ruins of Node 8

A unique sound experience in a city after destruction

Chaoyi Wang


*Notes: When viewing the webpage, click on “reset” a few times before you click on anything else*

First of all, this is a web-based soundscape.

This project was inspired by the rhythm game Cytus II, and the images came from this game as well. The story of the game happens in a future cyberpunk world where music is a common interest of all human. Node 8 is the name of a city in the game. My goal is to create a soundscape of someone (the user) visiting a house in the city ruins. The user can click on objects in the house to hear sounds and how the sounds interact with the environment. The overall experience should be poetic. However, by looking for an easter egg in the project, you might be able to understand the story behind.

All the sounds and background music are from Adobe sample pack or recorded by me. Another piece of music in the project is “Used to be” composed by KIVA. All of these sounds and music have been through postproduction. For the background music, I put together four ambient music pieces and several glitchy electronic sounds from Adobe sample pack. I also added filters on “Used to be” to make it sound a little distorted. As for the rest of the sounds, a little reverb would do the job.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab