E.R. : Reviving Retail

Christine Nguyen

E.R. is an exploration of experiential retailing and how it can enhance shopping by bringing the natural convergence of music, fashion, and media using technology.

With new technology at the fingertips of consumers, they are mobile savvy, more informed, and are making different decisions on how they are shopping. Shopping is also taking on a different form. Consumers are now expecting the benefits of convenience and media associated with e-commerce in their shopping experience. Experiential Retail, or E.R., is a series of projects that explore how retail stores may be revamped with digital technologies from mobile devices and different types of media to elevate the qualities that only a physical experience may provide.

I am inpsired by the move towards using technology such as QR codes. I'm interested in QR codes because of the type of information that may be stored in them.

I'm also interested in the intersection between music and fashion. Musicians are expanding beyond just selling music but also a lifestyle.

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Media saavy consumers who view the shopping experience as a form of entertainment and are interested in the intersection between music and fashion.

User Scenario
The user is browsing through a retail collection which has QR codes embedded into clothing items.
The user will pick a clothing item from the collection with a QR code.
The user will read the instructional tag on the clothing item that explains how to use the QR code.
Instructions: “Hear the latest single from this artist by scanning this QR code into the scanners in your dressing room!”
The user will then take the clothing item to dressing room
Scan the QR code and a song will play as the user is trying on the clothes and an image with the name of the song will appear

When the user purchases the item, they will be able to scan another QR tag and dowload a free song, media item, or leak from the artist.

I will continue to work on the dressing room portion of the FashionMixer. After testing it out at the Winter Show, we learned that we had many technical difficulties that we must address. I will build a scanning station for the QR codes, design the placement of the monitors. I will also design the interaction that occurs after the dressing room experience where users may take what the experience in store home. I will be designing tags and visual displays.

Even with all of the new and emerging technologies availabe, retailers are falling behind in the shopping environment. The shopping experience can be improved by incorporating media into the environment. Music play a large role in the retail environment and by exploring the intersection between the two industries, they can benefit each other by boosting consumer sales and promoting the artist.