AwsmSauce: Share a Skill ~ Learn a Few

Ezra Velazquez

A Web app for developers to teach each other, in real-time, using web cameras and collaborative tools, in informal online workshops.

AwsmSauce (pronounced awesome sauce) is a web-based application for developers of all skill levels to participate in informal workshops, which are taught by fellow developers. These workshops are live and just-in-time, using web cameras & collaborative tools (shared text-editor & text chat), to enhance for synchronous real time learning.
A user-friendly interface allows developers to easily find or create the perfect workshop. Modern client-side web technologies (Node.js, HTML5, jQuery) and tried-and-true back-end technologies (PHP, MySQL) support the needs of even the most demanding users wanting a smooth and reliable session. Social media is integrated into the flow of the application in order to diminish barriers of entry and provide a smooth user-flow.
AwsmSauce is a model for the next phase of just-in-time learning.