liminal light

Hanny Ahern

If our bodies are a threshold for the messages that we send and recieve, then some of the messages transmit above and or below the threshold of our conscious perception. When we bring the message of the life force breath above threshold and into our supraliminal zone what occurs? Does a fixation on the physical world have negative effects on the nervous system? is that obsession becomes something healthy is that good? is obsession good at all? can technology play apart in this?

books and research that have contibuted to this project are ,

Understanding media

Design meets disability

light on pranayama

User Scenario
the user wears a breath sensing belt and syncs up with artfuly designed lights.

Liminal light is explored in a series of vignettes and user test. There are two parts to the project, the sensor belt that detects the breath via stretch and a second one via pressure. The values from the sensor are sent to a stylizes sculptured light and dims and brightens to synchronize with the breath of the user. lights are also placed in to props and scenarios to explore the dynamics of communication through breath.