foldface: transformable architecture

Marcela Godoy

This thesis proposes to develop a modular, structural and active piece, something like a “kinetic brick”.

Can technology change the way of thinking and doing architecture?
Buildings should be capable to transform as a result of the interaction with people’s practices.
Transformable architecture is a series of experiments exploring math, geometry, mechanisms and ways to generate an interactive surface. Using digital tools and material properties to create a kinetic, light, modular, and self-structured prototype.
I started working in this project using digital tools to create a self-structured, modular and light surface to cover big spaces. According to material properties that I studied previously I tried to solve the question: how to make strong a “weak” (light) material?
Observing steel sheets in a wall container, I started exploring folds and then Origami Tessellations that could be useful in architecture. Studying the behavior of these patterns I wondered why still thinking of this as something static? And then, why still thinking architecture as something static?
This study intends to develop the mechanism capable to transform this building, showing the potential of mixing mechanic and electronic with architecture.

origami tessellations
Ron Resch