Hand PupPet

Mira Leytes

Hand PupPet is an experiment in digital puppetry.

Hand PupPet is an experiment in digital puppetry. A hand creature transcends the two dimensionality of video and evokes a mischievous and whimsical being that invites audience members to interact, delight and unwittingly anthropomorphize the digital.

Hand PupPet is imbued with the personality of a pet. Through a vocabulary of gestures, the puppet is able to express a wide range of feelings including surprise, anxiety, fatigue, curiosity and joy. With camera sensing, Hand PupPet reacts to the physical presence of audience members thereby establishing a relationship with viewers. As part of a series of video pieces about the performance of the body, Hand PupPet functions both as an installation piece and a performance tool. In existing video design paradigms, video is often used to evoke atmosphere, provide a live video feed or advance the story. With Hand PupPet, video is the material of the puppet and thus enables the realization of a full-fledged interactive digital being onstage.