Dave Gordon

12 Horses

This is a merry-go-round in which the horses come to life.

Live Image Processing and Performance

I am barely making the deadline. I will clean this up tomorrow. This project uses LED strobe lights to alter reality. When spun a miniature merry-go-round appears to function normally until a handle is pulled and the strobe light comes on. At this point the horses appear to come to life galloping of their own volition. To create this effect I will handcraft 12 individual courses which together will bcompleting a Gallup cycle. at this point I've tested the device with photograph courses and the effect is quite magical. With truly three-dimensional horses defection be striking. There will also be a secondary animation which will involve three-dimensional clouds passing over the moon and the moon morphing into the planner Earth does suggest saying that the horse is a transporting a writer between worlds