Dave Gordon

there is no camera in this bathroom

I explore the increasing presence of surveillance equipment by convincing viewers that there is surveillance in the bathrooms and challenging their notions of privacy

Interactive Screens and Cinematic Objects

absolutely no cameras are in the bathrooms! In front of the bathrooms are placed two sets of security monitors and cameras. One in front of the men's bathroom and one in front of the women's bathroom. the monitor shows two alternating screens one shows a live view of people watching the monitors. this convinces viewers that both user live in reality the second fewest prerecorded. DP recorded its second view appears to show a live image of people using the bathroom this is not true. There is a cable leading from the monitor into the bathroom suggesting a camera in the bathroom. In reality the second cable leads to a second monitor. this second monitor shows a view of people staring at the primary monitor. The peace challenge is notions of personal privacy by suggesting to viewers outside the bathrooms that they are looking at taboo images of people inside the bathrooms. People inside the bathrooms seeing on the monitor people staring at them feel as though they are being watched and their sense of personal space is challenged as well.