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We have created to inform people about bamboo as the great alternative material in various use.

Sustainable Practices

Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource which can be harvested every 5 years. As a result, no forests are destroyed to make bamboo product. Also the usage has many varieties just as many as wood from trees, such as hardwood flooring, kitchen utensils, paper products, and fashion industries.
Our goal and purpose is to inform people and make them aware of bamboo as an ultimate sustainable material. We want to do this by introducing bamboo’s characteristics to audiences who practice product design, fashion design, artists, and people who are interested in this type of sustainable material.
We want to do this so that we can encourage everyone to use bamboo by making our information and artwork available on the our “Bamboo Ultimatum” website.
Ultimately, we hope we can encourage many people to use bamboo as their choice material for all or many of their production needs. We also expect users' participations on our Blog by sharing their thoughts and resources.


Tree harvesting for consumption is causing “deforestation” and global warming.
Since replenishing the quantities of trees being cut down takes 100s of years, it is not a viable or a quickly renewable resource. On the other hand, bamboo grass grows 10 times faster than the trees, and it can be used in various ways as a great alternative to the usage of wood, fabrics.

People who are working in the production field such as product design, fashion design, artist and people who are interested in this sustainable material.

User Scenario
We are going to make a Blog and Website to share our artwork with bamboo and also share information about how to make those artworks.
We will also invite people who are interested in making artworks with sustainable materials or bamboo products and introduce their work to public audiance

We made two kinds of artwork with bamboo raw material such as papermaking as a resusable material and clothing “skirt” with breathable fabrics made of bamboo fibers

Bamboo is not a very popular material in the USA, so it is difficult to get many varieties of bamboo in the United States, but we have found some good bamboo suppliers and artists who are working with green material such as bamboo during our research. We have found that Bamboo is an up and coming material for the near future