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Meredith Silverman

Magna Beads

Magna Beads are magnetic beads you can decorate yourself, wear to express yourself, and trade or share with friends.

Dust or Magic: Creating Interactive Media for Children

Magna Beads are a creative way to express yourself with custom-made jewelry. They’re fun to make, fun to play with, and fun to wear.

Each bead contains a powerful rare earth magnet, housed in a protective covering. Build a necklace or a bracelet just by putting them end to end.

The starter kit contains 20 beads, enough for a small necklace and bracelet. Additional kits allow you to explore different artistic media – and add to your Magna Beads collection.

Magna Beads kits:
Starter kit – paint between the lines to create geometric designs
Magna Sticker – create, print, and stick using our beadmaking website
Magna Sparkle – attach rhinestones to create a glamorous look
Magna Mod – paint to personalize these mod, 60s-inspired beads
Magna Friendship – create tradeable beads to share with your best friend

Check out our website for new kits and new ideas. And don’t forget to visit our Glam Gallery, where you can show the world a picture of you and your Magna Beads creation.

For ages 10 and up.

The recent surge in children's online interaction has soared (Webkinz and Club Penguin). We wanted to utilize this trend, but also place more of an emphasis on the in-person, social interaction.

Children ages 10 and up

User Scenario
Children love to create and love to collect and share! Magna Beads allows children to do all of these things! They can explore their creativity by making their own personalized jewelry, and sharing their creations with their friends. They can create "Best Friend" necklaces and exchange them with their closest buddies, or design a magnet online and send their creation to their friends to print out and place on their Friendship Necklace. Magna Beads also allows children to share their creations with the world and post pictures online.

The beads are made of magnets, paper based air dry clay and the medium of your choice for decoration! The online sharing gallery is built with Html and the online, sticker creation program is built with Flash.

Once you begin to combine different types of media, the possibilities are endless! Combining a physical piece of artwork with an online community really expands both the creativity that can evolve and the user base.