Andrea Dulko
Joshua K. Berry


Communally browse the web with your friends and provide content for your chat partner without copying and pasting links. Use your respective locations to enrich content. Never again will you have to type, "just google it."


Designing Around Place,Live Web

Share location-based info without having to disclose whereabouts. Special characters determine what information you'd like to open right in your friends' browser windows. Share windows including local events, breaking news, and even definitions.

ChattyTime is a Firefox extension built upon SamePlace, the only existing Jabber client for Firefox. It looks for special leading characters in message content. If found, the characters trigger a browser window to open on both the sender's and the receiver's end. For instance, a message containing "=ITP" would open Google search results for ITP in your chat partner's browser.

This application also allows you to communally browse the Internet with your chat partner. Clicking on a certain Google result for "ITP" would take you, as well as your chat partner, to that page. It allows for much richer online collaboration than is currently available.

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