Chris Alden


A digital accordion for the performance of electroacoustic music, and an accordion based music visualizer.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

M'Accordion is an accordion based digital musical interface allowing for more dynamic performances of electroacoustic music. As an accordion player and electroacoustic composer I decided to marry my love for that acoustic instrument with my desire to perform my electronic music in a way more engaging than what is possible with just a laptop or consumer midi input. The m'accordion recreates the nuanced push and pull of the accordion bellows with a hand-made interface filled with electronic sensors, which aim to interpret the gestures of the performer in an organic and dynamic way. This interface also drives a synesthesia inspired music visualization based around the movements of the accordion's bellows.

The visitor can strap their hands in to the m'accordion and play the music themselves and see their actions translated with the music visualiser, or performophobes can watch me demo the instrument myself.