Catherine McCurry
Matthew Tennie
Stepan Boltalin

Karaoke TV

KaraokeTV puts you in a television show.

Live Experimental Interactive Television

KaraokeTV is a web based streaming video service that does exactly what the name suggests. Performers, holding mobile devices, receive timed lines and instructions that guide them through interactions with each other, and characters and effects on screen in a television program.
The prototype I would like to present is an episode of Star Trek that I wrote and edited from found footage, in which two live participants play Captain Picard and Data, interacting with the show, and each other.

The consens in class was that this would be a great platform for media franchises that already have a strong fan base (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and associated fan fiction culture. People would be really excited to get to play their favorite characters, dress up, and have a good time. My ideal audience at the show is fans, of any age, and people who love to do karaoke, or perform.

User Scenario
Two or more people approach the project. Two of them volunteer to play and are handed iPads. The show begins and the performers get really into enacting their characters (with accents and body movements as directed on their iPad based instructions). Everyone laughs, people who walk by are stopped by the spectacle and stay til the end of the 5 minute program.

I will need one large screen and a computer to play the streaming video content, and two iPads for use by performers. Any mobile device can be used - so if visitors to the show want to use their own device, that works too.