Alexandra Diracles

Collective Stress Ball

"Collective Stress Ball" is a shape which lives on the browser and users can morph via their phone.

Live Web

"Collective Stress Ball" allows users to effect and morph a 3d shape on the browser. Using their mobile phones as a controller, users can imprint and press into the material live online. The result is a moving, constantly changing 3d object which represents the collective actions of a group of users.

The background research for this project has involved looking at examples of what other artists have done with the new technologies available with web sockets and interactive 3d graphics on the browser.

Kids and Adults of all ages.

User Scenario
The ipad (or monitor) would be positioned like a little screen. People at the show could walk up and log into the application through the browser on their phone. I could also have a few extra phones available if some audience members dont carry smart phones.

The users then can use their finger on the touch screen to push and prode the material in the browser. Multiple users can do this live at the same time, allowing a strange morphing object to be created in the process. When the stress ball is left untouched it inflates back to it's original shape.

Possible added feature: users can download a jpeg of their contribution to the stress ball

It's made of javascript, three.js, and mobile.

So far I have learned a ton about the web. Im learning about how to build controllers with the phone and orient objects in 3d space.

So many things have and will break in terms of the code before the show but it will work!