Case Study

Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira, Sam Lavigne

Case Study is a tool for the military to analyze literary and philosophical texts using weaponized natural language processing software. The project is housed in a spy briefcase.


Case Study analyzes and produces visualizations of literary/philosophical texts and interpersonal communication using weaponized natural language processing software originally developed by the military. The parsing software, which finds and tags geopolitical events and world-historical actors in news articles, was originally intended to be a tool to help governments make predictions about global trends and material conflicts. In Case Study, we use that same tool on literary and philosophical texts rather than news articles, producing visualizations that frame literary, philosophical and interpersonal events in the language of geopolitics and the military.

The project is housed a “spy briefcase” containing a screen that shows realtime visualizations, and allows users to control various parameters of the analysis.


Data Art