Peeqo – The Productivity Bot

Abhishek Singh

Peeqo is your desktop robot buddy that helps you stay productive through the day


Peeqo is a tiny desktop robot that keeps you on track to get your tasks done and motivates you to stay productive through the day. All you need to do is plug him in and fill up your tasks for the day. Everytime you check a task off your list, peeqo rewards you with a high five and allows you to play with him. You can play with him by petting him, making him dance, sing or ask him yes and no questions(sort of like a magic 8 ball). He’s also insanely cute! Research has shown that a cute bot can get people to do things that they normally wouldn’t. When he thinks it’s time for you to go back to work, he’ll begin to get angry and become non responsive. I believe robots like Peeqo can change the way we interact with technology. Can we switch from a tool-based relationship to one of partnership.Can we go beyond drop downs and menus and design technology around emotion? Peeqo is an attempt at answering those questions and at making technology feel human.


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