Thea Rae, Quest Kennelly

Ephemera is a device that illuminates the chaotic turbulent flow created in air by human gestures.



We are all living under an ocean of air. Every movement we make sends out a cacophony of ripples, eddies, waves and wavelets. We displace our own personal volumes, and leave trails in our wake wherever we go. All of this chaotic beauty goes unseen, and unrecognized. What if it could be made visible? What if our gestures could reveal their own turbulent echoes in space? Our hands are our best tools for generating meaning through gesture, and our instinct to touch things with our hands is universal.
Ephemera is a wearable device that generates a fog of light scattering vapor. This vapor is pushed to the hands through flexible tubing, and illuminated by powerful, flexible LED arrays on lycra gloves. In operation Ephemera allows the user to create magical, fleeting clouds of turbulence with every gesture, and movement. In the video, Thea Rae performs with the device on a darkened stage. The only illumination is from the gloves, and the fog scatters the light in clouds of turbulent flow.


Project Development Studio