Ruudy X Liu

A stylized abstract memory VR game


This is a VR game which can let the user to experience a mysterious world full of morphing letters. The user will have to pick a word, memorize the randomly generated dynamic shape of each letter and finally pick the right letter from the word.




Edson Soares

Communion invites people to to share a dinner with same-sex couples' families trough 360º video.


A documentary piece experimented as an installation. Communion invites people to have a sit, and wear Gear VR headset to experience dinner in the house of a same-sex couple family. Users are able to see these families in the very intimate and casual moment of dinner. The families featured have kids, which called of the reflection around parenting by same-sex couples..


In Their Shoes

M.V.W Music and Visual Workstation

Nicola Carpeggiani

An audio workstation that allows the user to create music and sound related visuals.


For my final project, I decided to make music combining p5 coding and physical computing and creating a software/hardware controller that allows music producers as me, to create musical loops, play or mute them and add sound effects to them , as delay and reverb, to every single sound. The user can control the workstation by an Arduino based controller. In addiction, the projects allows the user to also create some music related visuals to be projected on a big white surface. Every single sound is represented separately on the screen and this represent the power of the project However, for this show, I would show my project on a quite big screen wired to my laptop and headphones, instead of using speakers and projector, to save space and allows the user to listen to the sounds clearly.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing


Constantine Koumoussis

You ask, the MagicBox answers


The magicBox is something like the Magic 8Ball. You ask it questions and it answers though answers like Yes and No. There is going to be an interface on my computer where you ask questions. My computer is going to be connected with the MagicBox through bluetooth. The MagicBox will be able to asnwer in 4 ways. Yes, No, Hazy, and Go to Hell. This is a project I worked on last year for Automata, and I am remaking it this year for Homemade hardware (I am making my own PCB for it now).


Homemade Hardware

Grey Matter

Yifan Hu

Grey Matter is a Virtual Reality experience that generated by the brain activities.


Grey Matter is a Virtual Reality experience that affected/generated by the brain activities of the user. This project is inspired by the major component of our central nervous system, aka, grey matter. I am using the brain wave(eeg) sensor to detect the user's brain activity, generating the abstract visual and audio environment by using the live data.



Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance

Ansh A Patel, Seth Kranzler

Browser cookie sonifier for privacy and awareness in the digital age.


Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance is a Chrome browser extension developed by Seth Kranzler and Ansh Patel which keeps track of cookies placed in the browser when visiting a website. For each page that is browsed, Music in the Age plays an algorithmically generated melody utilizing Tone.js framework based on the number of domain-specific cookies that each web page has. It adds a delay for each cookie from a domain, resulting in a unique intermingling of notes for each page.


The Stratosphere of Surveillance


Byoung Han, Seth Kranzler

VR maze that changes when you look away. Features algorithmic music.


Maze2 is an experiment in generative virtual realities, realized through three unique levels each designed to question the philosophy of perception. Maze2 seeks to address questions such as the existence of objects outside our perception – questions addressed by philosophers since the beginning of thought. Using virtual reality, Maze2 creates a world where these situations are possible and explores what that means for the end user. What if objects out of sight are in constant flux? As with Plato’s cave, is there another world beyond this virtual reality which one cannot experience?

Maze2 is also an experiment in procedural design. Throughout the experience, generative algorithms are used extensively to create the landscape, behavior, and sound of the game. In level one, a maze building algorithm is used to create a maze which updates and rebuilds whichever section of the maze is outside of the view of the player. In the second level, a spherical maze is generated using a complex algorithm, and music is generated and effected on the fly using L-system fractals. The final phase generates a maze on a 3-D moebius strip, with no end to the maze. first level shown here



Soul Cycle

Serena M Parr

Intimate bicycle-powered worship experience for 1 user at a time, featuring choir/ambient music through headphones and pedal-powered electric candles, housed within a small simple wooden structure with fake stained glass windows made of tissue paper


My project is a bicycle generator that runs a DC motor to power an apparatus of electric candles surrounding the stationary biker. It’s inspired by the religiosity of Soul Cycle. While powering candles, the user will also listen to choir music on headphones. The music won’t be powered by the bike, but by a battery powered boom box sitting inside of the bike’s front basket. The electric candles will be supported by a simple wooden frame made of 1″ x 2″ beams.

The piece requires at least 4′ x 7′ and would ideally be set up in a dark room.

I’ve built the bike generator and have measured its output on a multimeter. The bike puts out 5V – 9V depending on pedal power. I’ve also rewired 20 electric candles to start. (I plan to rewire many more. Each candle is rated at 3V, so I will set them up in two-candle series circuits sharing 6V across however many parallel circuits.)

In progress:
I still need to build a simple wooden frame to support the candles surrounding the user, and build a few more safeguards to secure the bike trainer onto the platform so that it doesn’t move.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Social Doodle Telephone Game

Paula Ceballos Delgado

The Social Doodle Telephone Game is a game that is based on collaboration and creativity. Users are invited to add/complete other user's drawings, and create new foundations for future users to draw on.


The Social Doodle Telephone Game is a take on the childhood “telephone” game but with doodles. The idea is that a basic doodle will start the screen, and then someone will come up and add/complete it with drawings of their own. After that happens the original sketch disappears and only the user additions remain–they now become the original sketch and now someone else has to add to it. And so on and so forth!


Introduction to Computational Media

Footprint of Nature

Lirong Liu, Manxue Wang

Nature Footprint is a balance game for kids with hearing impairment that also embeds various kinds of sounds of nature.


Nature Footprint is a balance game for kids with hearing impairment that also embeds various kinds of sounds of nature. Kids are asked to step on footprint with some nature signs that light up to generate the corresponding sounds.


Developing Assistive Technologies