ITP Winter Show 2015

(Fworks) An Electromagnetic Tuning Fork Ensemble by Andrew Sahlstrom An exploration of the tuning fork as a musical instrument via Electromagnetic Acoustic Transduction.
4 x 4 by Fengyi Franklin Zhu Experiencing form & transform through your hand
A Flash in the Pan by Yiting Liu, Yue Hu Grabbing the star and evoking magic effects.
AETHER by Kat Sullivan, Lajune Mcmillian, Sergio Mora, Ruudy X Liu An interactive installation where an audiences can control prerecorded motion capture performances through physical objects.
Air drawing by Juan José Egúsquiza Draw in the air
airchestra by Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Philip J Donaldson We have created a way to allow users to manipulate music with simple gestures
American Zeitgeist Almanac by Kathleen S Temrowski Take a trip through the cultural ether of the past.
Animal World by Shaun Axani, Xi Liu An interactive electronic board experience for children with disabilities to be exposed to all types of sensory feedback.
Animated Annotations by Daniel Silber-Baker A platform for animated annotations that produce interactive multi-media comprehension explorations and experiences.
Assistive Robot by Rubin Huang, Luke Kao Embrace is an assistive robot for seniors and disabled to improve their life quality and safety using connected sensors, telecommunication technology and artificial intelligence.
Attitude Chair by Phil Guo, Wipawe Sirikolkarn, Yuan Xue So you think you can sit.
Backyard Labyrinth by Lirong Liu, Shan Jin Backyard Labyrinth is a collaborative cardboard-iPad semi-VR puzzle game that requires players' collaboration, communication and problem solving strategies.
Balans Mat by Jordan Frand The Balans Mat is a yoga mat that gives you audio feedback to help you achieve a balance throughout your yoga practice.
BarkArt by Angela Perrone With BarkArt you can track your dog's barking and turn it into a unique work of art, while discovering ways to ease his/her anxiety. It's Bark Therapy for the whole family.
Beats Exposed by Aaron Parsekian, Danielle Butler, Lisa M Jamhoury Beats Exposed is an interactive aerial performance that breaks down the barrier between audience and performer. By exposing the performer’s heartbeat through sound and projected visuals, the performer invites the audience to see beyond his or her physical form.
BoomChaCha! by Wangshu Sun, Yue Zhang, FY Zhu BoomChaCha! is a physical musical role-playing game where three players will fight together against monsters.
Cheeks, Chin, Eyes, Nose, Lips and the rest of US by Ella Dagan Peled an interactive deconstructing photobooth/image maker
Circle Jerk by Kevin G Stirnweis A touch screen arcade party game where you play with your friends to protect and grow your circle.
Clean-Up Drive by Anne Goodfriend, Nilomee Jesrani Clean-Up Drive is a foot controlled, arcade style, video game experience that educates players about the harmful effects of Global Warming.
Communion by Edson Soares Communion invites people to to share a dinner with same-sex couples' families trough 360º video.
Dandi by Anne Goodfriend, Marcelina A Nowak Walk past this beautiful digital dandelion and watch it fly away with the “wind”.
Demolition Library by David Gochfeld A Virtual Reality experience in an abandoned library where you explore, knock over shelves and throw books around, all operated with a real book.
Dhish by Denny George Dhish is a musical instrument that captures universal percussive gestures like<br /> snapping and clapping to create music.
Disembodied by Shangbo Chen, Yun Li An interactive sound installation that people can undergo different environments based on their own choices and have otherworldly experiences.
DOPPELCAM by Melanie Hoff DOPPELCAM is a portal to a strangely familiar parallel universe. A machine for creating category shifts.
Drawing Melodies by Manxue Wang Let everyone drawing melodies through browser together
Educational 3D Lamps by Marcelo Cespedes The Educational 3D Lamp is a 3D amazing optical Illusion loaded with low energy technology, with a life expectancy of 13.7 years!
Ephemera by Thea Rae, Quest Kennelly Ephemera is a device that illuminates the chaotic turbulent flow created in air by human gestures.
Extraterrestrial AI by Jamie Ruddy Did you ever talk to an alien? Now is your chance to chat with an extraterrestrial and ask him anything you like.
Faces of Love by Ying He Faces of Love is an instillation for users to hold their hands to see different faces of love.
Fake Painter by Xingjian An Fake Painter is a drawing machine to help normal people to be able to draw abstract sketch as an artist.
Fibonacci Galaxy by Joakim G Quach, Ondina E Frate I created a Fibonacci Galaxy, or a celebration of the Universe and Fibonacci.
Foggy Mountain by Yuli Cai Immerse in the music of foggy nature
Footprint of Nature by Lirong Liu, Manxue Wang Nature Footprint is a balance game for kids with hearing impairment that also embeds various kinds of sounds of nature.
Funeral of Horses by Joao Costa Sound installation using motors and horsehair to play forty strings.
Grey Matter by Yifan Hu Grey Matter is a Virtual Reality experience that generated by the brain activities.
Happy Spotify Mirror by Yan Zhao Happy Spotify Mirror is a smart mirror that can be triggered by smile to play spotify music and light up. The idea of this project is to break the traditional way of how to play online music and explore a different way of interaction between people and computer.
Homemade Robotic Hand by FY Zhu, Wangshu Sun Designed an open-source robotic hand for the disables and also for fun, currently we use the MYO as the input control for gesture control, and will use LeapMotion for interaction usage
Honk Box by Jesse Horwitz Detects car horns and reacts - A "Your Speed Is..." sign for noise pollution.
How to Ride a Dragon by Abhishek Singh Experience the thrill and freedom of flying, seated on the back of a large dragon in this virtual reality experience
Hyper Headphones by Dhruv Damle, Viniyata Pany A playful twist to an ordinary product! These headphones not only play, but also pan and boost the music you love.
InBud by Muqing Niu, Xuhui Xu Two strangers compose music together to create implicit understanding.
Interactive Origami Lighting by Mathura Govindarajan, Cristina Cannella Interactive modular origami lights that responds to change in physical arrangement.
Interactive Pattern Generator by Mathura Govindarajan Pattern generator based on patterns seen in nature.
Inverse Prosopagnosia by Matt Romein Using 3D textures, slit scan techniques and face tracking I will create portrait mashups in which multiple faces will morph between each other, resulting in the viewer recognizing who they are seeing while also being unable to hold on to what they have just seen.
KEYPRINTS by Leon Eckert Our typing pattern can be captured and used against us. KEYPRINTS explains how this works visually and proposes a way to protect our privacy.
Learn drums through light by David R Lockard Training wheels for drums: Hook this machine onto your drum kit and learn new rhythms, step-by-step
Lipstick Jungle by Kaini Zhou A trippy VR experience that puts viewers in my lipstick jungle.
M.V.W Music and Visual Workstation by Nicola Carpeggiani An audio workstation that allows the user to create music and sound related visuals.
MagicBox by Constantine Koumoussis You ask, the MagicBox answers
Mastermind for science by Hugo Lucena Mastermind for science is a free digital game that help scientists to better understand human cognition.
Maze2 by Byoung Han, Seth Kranzler VR maze that changes when you look away. Features algorithmic music.
Military Issue by Ian Gibson Military Issue is an interactive installation that considers the confusion, anger, and grief that occurs when service ends and reintegration into the Real World begins.
Minion Circuit by Tanya Campbell, Yining Shi Learn some introductory circuit relationships by holding hands with this Minion.
Modular Mancala by Louis Minsky A mancala game that can be expanded for use by more than two players.
Monuments to Hart Island by Nicholas Hubbard, Rebecca Lieberman Monuments to Hart Island is an explorable virtual environment that houses memorials to the present and history of Hart Island.
Moolody by Peiyu Luo A recorder player that can translate human sound into pitches and play it.
Morning Raaga by Dhruv Damle, Jennifer Kagan, Viniyata Pany An exploration of smell and sound, our project encourages students of Indian classical music to practice singing by filling the room with a delicious smell when they hit the correct notes.
MorphMemory by Ruudy X Liu A stylized abstract memory VR game
Mountain by Xiaolong Mou Mountain is on fire, and it is screaming!
Multiverse – The Journey by Tigran Paravyan Multi user journey through a fantasy world
Music Composer Machine by Nikolaj Petersen An algorithm that learns by listening to- and analyzing a number of songs (input), and outputs and print out a new song (or song phrase) on the basis of that input.
Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance by Ansh A Patel, Seth Kranzler Browser cookie sonifier for privacy and awareness in the digital age.
Nature Geometry by Xinyao Wang, Yuli Cai, Yuan Xue Let's play and relax in the galaxy and interact with the Moon. Look up and around!
Paint your flower by Kritchaya Twitchsri An interactive lighting paper flower wallpaper/
Penelope by Renata Gaui A tapestry loom that weaves and unweave according to sunrise and sunset, referring to an excerpt of The Odyssey's female character Penelope that postpone an unwished fate by choosing to decide which of her suitors she would marry to once she finishes a burial shroud.
PHANTOM POWER by Yingjie Bei Exoskeleton Analog Synthesizer
Physical Glitch by Cole Orloff Modeling and 3D printing physical objects with digital "glitches."
pineArt Box by Kevin G Stirnweis, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold Create digital images using a mixture of natural elements and analog inputs.
Plasmic Reflection by Ella Dagan Peled, Jamie Charry A reflective, internal experience through light and sound.
Play Pixels by Jonathan James Gallagher, Soyeon Chung A DIY 16x16 RGB LED Matrix with camera acting as a video mirror with 256 large silicone buttons on top for drawing pixel art.
Poetic Journey by Nai-Chen Yang, Yan Zhao An interactive installation using Tang Dynasty poetry to bring viewers traveling through the spiritual life of Ancient China.
Printing Code Class by Joseph Mango Section for the whole class to display there finals.
Real Me by Jingwen Zhu Real Me is a live chatting app with BLE connected sensors that uses graphics and messages to reveal user's real emotion during chatting.
Rhythm & Wind by Doo Yon Kim Press the pedal, activate a fan, shake a ping-pong ball and listen.
Roots by Isabel Paez Technology can take us back to our Roots
Rube Telephone by Chino Kim, Aaron Montoya-Moraga A Rube Goldberg telephone that tangibly processes and translates conversation between two people, creating a fun audiovisual experience using various old and new communications technologies and producing unexpected outcomes.
SandBand by Lindsey Johnson A sandbox that allows users to play music together as they play together.
Semaphore Jacket by Zoe Bachman A wearable that uses visual symbols and gesture to communicate peaceful messages and confront discrimination.<br />
Sing-Song by Nikita R Huggins A visual representation of the Trinidad and Tobago dialect
Singing Plant by Chelsea J Pfohl It is a singing plant
Skronkophone by Jared D Friedman A new musical instrument made out of four walkmen and a broken guitar.
Small Screens by Matthew Kaney Custom displays for the intimate presentation of small-scale, low-resolution video art.
Snowcam by Melanie Hoff, Shir David Physical snowglobe creates digital snow over a live webcam footage
Social Doodle Telephone Game by Paula Ceballos Delgado The Social Doodle Telephone Game is a game that is based on collaboration and creativity. Users are invited to add/complete other user's drawings, and create new foundations for future users to draw on.
Soul Cycle by Serena M Parr Intimate bicycle-powered worship experience for 1 user at a time, featuring choir/ambient music through headphones and pedal-powered electric candles, housed within a small simple wooden structure with fake stained glass windows made of tissue paper
Sound Boxing by Yuan Gao, Yuchi Ma Experience sonification and visualization when practicing boxing punches
Sound collider by Marcelina A Nowak Creative representation of music on screen
Spitshield by Melissa Jinu Kang, Songee Hahn Spitshield is an unique device that detects volume of saliva when people talk and projects facial deformation of listener based on amount of spit.
Stacklight by Ruta Kruliauskaite, Shir David, Xiwei Huang Fun toy to introduce a three year old to the concepts of electronics.
Superhero Cape by Eve J Weinberg, Karalyn C Lathrop An interactive superhero cape that helps a user save Earth from destructing from an incoming astroid.
SurveillAnts by Gal Nissim, Leslie E Ruckman This project is created to evoke curiosity about non-human life, and wonder in emergent intelligence and systemic patterns.
The Assistive Mat by Olivia Cueva A mat to assist elderly people who need extra help when they are on the move.
The BearBooth by Dana Abrassart, Paula Ceballos Delgado As mysterious as it seems, but more delightful than it sounds, The BearBooth invites users to peer inside, discover the unexpected, and take home a break from reality.
The Clock Project by Zhuoxi Song A beautiful website enlivened by gorgeous scenes from our beloved hometowns across the globe
The Diverting Electric Lighter by Lutfiadi Rahmanto Lighter that can only be lit up several times a day, and offers alternative joy when unusable
The Fantastic World of Mr. Phelps by Dalit Shalom By digging around the dusty archives of the New York Public Library and connecting the dots, a remarkable character was revealed. This is a story about discovery and becoming close to someone I never knew through analog Big Data.
The Fort by Lindsey Johnson, Skylar A Jessen A space to enable and capture human connection.
The ITP's Mind by Michelle Hessel An interactive ITP brain sketch that will allow user to understand what moves/intrigues each of the 1st year student.
The Wall Map by Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya, Michelle Hessel An interactive wall installation that aims to create awareness about borders and walls between countries around the world.
This Is Real by Maya Tal Interactive screen based project that criticizes the current standard beauty and excess photoshopping of models.
Transform by Xinyao Wang An interactive creature has 10 hands, which can stretch out and give you many high-fives.<br />
Treegered by Fan-Hao Tseng A small move can make big changes. Plant a seed and you'll get a forest!
True Love Tinder Robot by Nicole He Literally put your love life in a robot's hands.
Untitled (for you) by Gustavo Eduardo de Campos Abbott What you see is what you get.
Voicepong by Melissa Jinu Kang, Paul Hiam, Xi Liu Voicepong is a classic pong game controlled with voice.
VR Stop Motion by Andrew LeVine Exploring creative imagery using stop motion 3D photography in virtual reality.
VRTRIP by Corbin Ordel VRTRIP is the experience of self reflection, isolation, truth, and self actualization.
Wave Stand by Koen Holtkamp Can we convey a sense of space, movement, time or even effect a persons brain wave patterns purely through haptic stimulation?
You've Got Rain by EunJee Kim Lighting installation of a cloud that delivers promises on rainy or snowy days.