Byoung Han, Seth Kranzler

VR maze that changes when you look away. Features algorithmic music.


Maze2 is an experiment in generative virtual realities, realized through three unique levels each designed to question the philosophy of perception. Maze2 seeks to address questions such as the existence of objects outside our perception – questions addressed by philosophers since the beginning of thought. Using virtual reality, Maze2 creates a world where these situations are possible and explores what that means for the end user. What if objects out of sight are in constant flux? As with Plato’s cave, is there another world beyond this virtual reality which one cannot experience?

Maze2 is also an experiment in procedural design. Throughout the experience, generative algorithms are used extensively to create the landscape, behavior, and sound of the game. In level one, a maze building algorithm is used to create a maze which updates and rebuilds whichever section of the maze is outside of the view of the player. In the second level, a spherical maze is generated using a complex algorithm, and music is generated and effected on the fly using L-system fractals. The final phase generates a maze on a 3-D moebius strip, with no end to the maze. first level shown here