Hyper Headphones

Dhruv Damle, Viniyata Pany

A playful twist to an ordinary product! These headphones not only play, but also pan and boost the music you love.



In addition to just playing music, hyper headphones respond in real time when the user tilts head to left, right, front and back. The left and right tilt maps linearly to the left and right audio channel panning, while the front and back tilt changes the volume levels.

The product houses a sensor that measures the X and Y rotation. A microcontroller, also encapsulated inside the product, then maps these parameters to volume levels and channel panning. This project transforms ordinary headphones into an interactive and playful gadget. Use it as a wearable that accompanies you wherever you go, or use it as a cool head-banging gadget when you listen to the albums by your favorite band!


Introduction to Physical Computing