Shangbo Chen, Yun Li

An interactive sound installation that people can undergo different environments based on their own choices and have otherworldly experiences.



Size: 2m x 2m ~ 2.4m x 2.4m

Environment: Dark and Quiet

Using: Kinect, Projections on ceiling

Our project is an installation that aims to provide otherworldly experiences for audiences using Kinect, projections and sound. Participant walks on an empty grid of projected tiles on the ground, each one contains different environment that shifts as participant goes. We let people in charge of where they want to go and make their own explorations created by our design and their very own imaginations.

We use Kinect, paired with Processing, to track people’s movement on a 5×5 tiles board. The board’s width and height are 2 to 2.4 meters long. Preferably, a dark environment make our projections more visible. Once Kinect located the participant, the program would play a soundtrack through headphones, composed of many environmental sounds that build up the virtual world around people. Lights would project the grid on the ground as well as flavor texts that contain an elusive and suggestive storyline which helps participants understand the world they are currently in.

We built this project to encourage people to go wild with their imaginations. At first glance, it is an empty grid of nothing. We hope that when people finished the walk and look back, they would see something out of this empty space: a vivid world created solely with their own curiosity, memories and emotions.


Introduction to Physical Computing