Inverse Prosopagnosia

Matt Romein

Using 3D textures, slit scan techniques and face tracking I will create portrait mashups in which multiple faces will morph between each other, resulting in the viewer recognizing who they are seeing while also being unable to hold on to what they have just seen.


Prosopagnosia is a medical condition in which a person is unable to recognize the faces of people that are familiar to them. My project is an attempt to look at an inverted version of this condition, in which the viewer recognizes multiple faces that my be familiar to them within a single face, all the while being unable to hold on to the memory of the face they've just seen. This a portraiture project in which the usual subject of a portrait, the individual, is superseded to create the idea of a unique individual, frame by frame. During the show people will have their portraits taken, their face being added to the mix while removing a face that was previously in the group. There will also be the ability to change the settings of how the faces are morphed between, controlled either by myself or possibly by the viewers.


New Interfaces for Musical Expression