Corbin Ordel

VRTRIP is the experience of self reflection, isolation, truth, and self actualization.



ROAD TRIPPERS! Follow your heart friends! Get in the car! Do you have any gas or peanut money? Whatever, it doesn't matter. Holy shit, that- You're Tot's friend right? Good thing we saw you here, we were about to split for the beach. “honestly tho, do u kno this prsn?” Anyway– oh, well, we don't know when were coming back honestly – we're just hopped up freaked out hippies! It's righteous! I bought these pink slacks from a thrift store the other days, only cost me 10 buckaroos!. I think I saw you outside Drones Club last week, right? You were looking pretty cute. I think you're Blake's age right? Are you also in Cyberactive Media Studies at U of M? That's what someone told me… Anywys, it's weird that we like know each other and also because your Jayy's little bro's age, also. I guess thats what happens in a small scene. What are you working on these days, we talked last weekend, what you did that day and you said that you had a good day, that you woke up and wrote a bit, then you got lunch and then you described the lunch in lots of detail and that you got a really good coffee and that the lunch was really yummy. Honestly I was really happy to talk to you, you seem interesting forsure, “but I'm not sure if your my type, to be honest I have no idea who you are but you seem different than most of the people who hang out around here”. DO you know Amanda? oh god, yea she's way older and from Alberta, she talks so much shit about everyone. It's cool if you go back home during the summer, we all do.


Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Computational Media