Box Anonymous

Jaycee Holmes, Yunho Choi

"Tell me a secret. And I will tell you one back." Box Anonymous is an interactive installation which stores someone's secret and gives someone else's secret.


This project is a collaboration project between Jaycee Holmes and Yunho Choi for the mid-term project in physical computing. We started this project with a question; what will happen when people’s secrets are shared in one space at the same time?

Once people say their secret to a microphone with pushing a red button, the secret is recognized and stored in the program we created. Next, the people can get someone else’s secret by pushing the print button. The secret they receive is randomly chosen and printed. If they are not satisfied with their secret, they also can delete and record it once again. In addition, the secrets are converted into text and accumulated visually on a screen using P5.js.


The Yami-Ichi, Internet Black Market, was brought to our attention through the ITP List Serve. We knew that this would be an awesome opportunity to present some of our work at a maker-fair, so we worked together to design an interactive project with a feasible deliverable for the user to keep at the end of the interaction.

We thought it would be fun to sell secrets. Thus, was born Box Anonymous. 

Participations and Roles

Yunho Choi – Visual Programming,  Fabrication

Jaycee Holmes – Physical Computing, Fabrication

Technical Features

Visual Programming – p5.js (for visual programming), p5.speech (for voice recognition)

Physical Computing – Arduino UNO, three push buttons with LED, a thermal printer from Adafruit, a USB Microphone


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.001, Introduction to Computational Media ITPG-GT.2233.006


Chino Kim

Operator is a musical interface inspired by old telephone switchboards that reverses the role of the operator and allows for the sampling and manipulation of live phone calls.


Using the controls, the “operator” initiates phone calls, samples them and triggers or loops the recorded snippets. The patch bay allows the operator to alter the output sound for each sample with a range of audio effects.


New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Sorting Hat

Rita Cheng

No more online quizzes, you can finally be properly sorted into your wizarding house.


The Sorting Hat is a loving recreation of a magical object in the world of the Harry Potter series. In the books, the hat reads your mind to determine which of four school houses you have the most affinity for. In real life, we are unable to read minds, so the Sorting Hat asks you a series of questions and determines your house based on your responses. Physically, it is an anthropomorphic hat that beckons you to put it on. Once on your head, it will guide you through a series of yes or no questions to which you will respond with nods or words. The hat will then decide your house, which it will announce loudly, and you can enjoy a sense of belonging and delight at this talking hat’s decisions.


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.006

Eternal Cloud

Eve J Weinberg

"A sci-fi story disguised as a startup." <br /><br />
<br />


The Year is 2045. Welcome to your new Neural Neighborhood®. Eternal Cloud asks it's users ‘Did your actions in 2016 make you a desirable candidate for our new digital society in 2045?’

The impetus for the project stemmed from reading of Jaron Lanier, Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, and Neal Stephenson.

Eternal Cloud questions the humanity of algorithms, takes place in a post-global-warming digital world, and proposes new paradigms for the internet.


Project Development Studio (Danny Rozin), Project Development Studio, Designing for Data Personalization