Kimberly Lin

Baenana is an interactive XL banana that talks about modern day romance.


Modern day romance defies the traditional dating formula. You could be seeing someone for an extended time yet you might scare your love interest away if you attempt to confront your relationship status with each other. However, what is the line between platonic and romantic love?

Baenana endeavors to portray the unique dating culture in New York City. She channels the discomfort of oversharing her intimate experience through a seemingly innocent children’s toy. With users touching and peeling her, she unravels different stages of her relationship with men. Baenana questions if true love exists from her romantic first date of meeting someone to her nerve-wrecking fifth date with the same person unwilling to make any commitment. She approaches issues on modern day relationships with a sense of humor.

Baenana is made of felt, pillow stuffing, zippers, velcro, magnets, magnetic contact switches and a small piece of plexiglass. She is 20 inch tall, 5 inch wide and 5 thick. Her 4 peels are held up by mini magnets attached to the tip of the banana that also contains the same material. The magnetic contact switches are situated below mini magnets which toggles the sound that is being played via a mini MP3 player when detached from the other half on the peel. To find out more about Baenana, you gotta peel her (and unpeel her).


Introduction to Physical Computing