Latin America Map

Marco Guarino

This project dissects 3 distinct Latin American rhythms (Samba, Cumbia, Candombe) on an abstract map of Latin America so the user can pick apart the rhythms and create "new" Latin American rhythms using traditional rhythmic patterns.


The Latin American drum machine is an exercise in rhythm dissection. Every rhythmic pattern within the rhythm is stemmed out onto a loop of its own so the user can take apart and understand the relationships of the drum patterns within a rhythm. It's ha;f educational tool, half instrument. The drum machine is intended to be part of a museum installation about Latin American rhythms titled, “The Genealogy of Rhythmic Patterns.” Furthermore, every pattern on the drum machine is also at 95 BPM, which means that the user can also mix and match rhythmic patterns to create a “new” latin american rhythm, based on traditional patterns. Illustrator, Rhino, Laser cutter, and CNC machine were responsible for the the interface. Max Msp is responsible for the tech.


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