Basic Instincts

Mohammad Hossein Rahmani

It's a wearable fluffy tail that is connected to your heart beat and…basically shakes when you're "excited".



There are biometric signs of our strong emotions that are somewhat shared across humanity. In our everyday lives, we feel these signals and react to them in a rather overtly sophisticated way. My project simply explores the idea of “what if we showed our emotions towards each other as CLEAR as animals do?”.
I'm measuring the most accessible factors like hear rate and maybe skin moisture, but i think the idea shows through with just one biometric factor.
Although, biometric signs does not always mirror how we feel inside, it shouldn't stop us from asking “what if”.
The ideal way of presenting this in my mind is to have several of these handed out to people at a social setting, a party if you may, and let them mingle with each other and see the results.
The most complicated part of this project is the joint i designed for the bone inside the tail. I designed it in a way that can be 3D printed in 1 print with joints already interlocked in each other.


Introduction to Physical Computing