Namsoo Kim, Youjin Chung

The machine can sigh for you back.



Sigh is a gesture that strongly bounded by body and emotion. Lifting ribs, inflating lungs and relaxing muscles makes air flow through your body. At the same time sigh is related to your personal emotions such as boredom, futility, relief, dismay, lovelorn and dismay. This whole experience makes you think that sigh is a very humane gesture. People feel interested when they see animals sigh “as if they are human.

However, what does 'humane' mean? Living in the era of cybernetics, the borderline of humanity is sly and blurred. The human body is now a mere bio-terminal to connect to the internet, whereas Robotics technology approaches the physiology of the human body and artificial intelligence can even create arts, which was considered as a very humane characteristic so far. The fear of the machine and artificial intelligence unsettles the humanity based on physiology.

The sigh machine inflates while it is gathering tweets that audience choose via a dashboard. the twitter bot interprets emotions behind the tweets that audience chose. the machine extends and inflates its lungs by the data from twitter bot. When it reaches the maximum status, it releases everything, the air, mechanical tension, and sighs. What does define 'humane'?


Introduction to Physical Computing