Dominic Barrett

A virtual reality spatialized sound installation using the microphone to capture live audio.


monumoment, by Dominic Barrett
ITP Winter Show 2017 Submission video

monumoment is a vr experience, creating a sound installation inside of a virtual space. Users can record live audio, and have the sound be split up into multiple pieces and arranged into sculptures I refer to as monuments. Each piece of sound that is split up is mapped to a piece of geometry, and as the shape moves in space, the sound moves with it.

Narration by myself is provided as instruction for usage, but also to outline the theme of the piece. Each structure is spawned from a moment of audio. These collective pieces create a sculpture that is a monument to the moment that was recorded. Not just the recording, but each moment that comprises it. It is a monument to the user, and to their moment engaging with the art. Monument to the moment; monumoment.

The user has control over the positioning of the monument via oculus rift controllers. Experience can be engaged sitting or standing. Requirements include Oculus Rift and a computer powerful enough to run it, with an average amount of play space for a VR experience.


The Poetics of Space