On Sight

Xinyu Hu

On Sight is a performance piece where I sit in a virtual reality headset, but have no control of what I see. You, as the audience, can decide to show me any YouTube video, or reveal your face and talk to me through your webcam. You will be able to see what I am seeing right now, and a live stream of my reaction to your content.



On Sight is a live performance in virtual reality. I will sit in a headset for the entire duration of the performance, however, I have no control of my virtual environment. The audience will participate by showing me any content they would like from the Internet. They do so by interacting with a simple interface on a screen (they are not in VR). My VR feed will also be displaying on a screen behind me, and the audience will see my reaction to their content. At any point they can choose to reveal their faces and talk to me while I'm still in VR. Otherwise they will remain anonymous.
With this project, I intend to ask how do we perceive power in virtual reality? How does one's embodiment change the experience? How has the nature of violence changed in our technology-filled world?


Live Web, The Poetics of Space


Dominic Barrett

A virtual reality spatialized sound installation using the microphone to capture live audio.



monumoment, by Dominic Barrett
ITP Winter Show 2017 Submission video

monumoment is a vr experience, creating a sound installation inside of a virtual space. Users can record live audio, and have the sound be split up into multiple pieces and arranged into sculptures I refer to as monuments. Each piece of sound that is split up is mapped to a piece of geometry, and as the shape moves in space, the sound moves with it.

Narration by myself is provided as instruction for usage, but also to outline the theme of the piece. Each structure is spawned from a moment of audio. These collective pieces create a sculpture that is a monument to the moment that was recorded. Not just the recording, but each moment that comprises it. It is a monument to the user, and to their moment engaging with the art. Monument to the moment; monumoment.

The user has control over the positioning of the monument via oculus rift controllers. Experience can be engaged sitting or standing. Requirements include Oculus Rift and a computer powerful enough to run it, with an average amount of play space for a VR experience.


The Poetics of Space

Red Seed

Miao Tian

A VR sci fi experience to loop through natural and artificial environments.



This project is an interactive VR experience. On each level player are given choices to destroy some natural objects. The destroyed objects will be replaced by an artificial replica. Players will loop through the 5 levels and find themselves back to the starting point. The only thing that is different from the first run is the previously destroyed objects by players themselves.


The Poetics of Space


Utsav Chadha

What if Alexa turns into Hal (2001: A Space Odyssey) ?



This project attempts to subvert reality and reinvent Amazon's Alexa as a looming dominant monolith in a virtual space.

The project uses voice recognition and text generation which enables the user to interact with the virtual monolithic Alexa ( or Halexa, perhaps ) in virtual reality.


Programming from A to Z, The Poetics of Space


Jixuan Sun, Yuhan Zhang

Shroom is a collaboration game using virtual reality that enables interaction between multiple people.



The audience get novel experience when seeing the overlay of a fantasy world landscape onto the real world and enhance communication with other participants while playing the game. Target audience could be everyone, children/teenagers would be particularly suitable for this game. The colorful scene/character design easily draws their attention and the collaboration game mechanics strengthens their understanding of collaboration.


The Poetics of Space