On Sight

Xinyu Hu

On Sight is a performance piece where I sit in a virtual reality headset, but have no control of what I see. You, as the audience, can decide to show me any YouTube video, or reveal your face and talk to me through your webcam. You will be able to see what I am seeing right now, and a live stream of my reaction to your content.



On Sight is a live performance in virtual reality. I will sit in a headset for the entire duration of the performance, however, I have no control of my virtual environment. The audience will participate by showing me any content they would like from the Internet. They do so by interacting with a simple interface on a screen (they are not in VR). My VR feed will also be displaying on a screen behind me, and the audience will see my reaction to their content. At any point they can choose to reveal their faces and talk to me while I'm still in VR. Otherwise they will remain anonymous.
With this project, I intend to ask how do we perceive power in virtual reality? How does one's embodiment change the experience? How has the nature of violence changed in our technology-filled world?


Live Web, The Poetics of Space