Psychic Experience (HoloWAVE)

Sean Seunghwan Kim

Experience the world as a psychic through HoloWAVE!


Through HoloWAVE (HoloLens + Brainwaves-scanning helmet), you are put into the shoes of a psychic meeting with a client!

HoloWAVE's voice recognition capabilities enable the user to control the flow of time, which is used in conjunction with the user's level of concentration (Alpha wave: 7.5-14Hz) to determine how far into the past / future the user experiences.

For 2 minutes, you will become a psychic working with a client. You will experience the client’s past and future, and give advice.

In collaboration with: Joe Moon (Stern)


Alt Docs: Inventing New Formats for Non-fiction Storytelling , Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities, Project Development Studio