Blur Clock

A clock which gets blurry when you are not looking at it representing the existence of time being due to humanity's blurred perspective of reality

Aidan Fowler, Youngmin Choi


This clock is inspired by The Order Of Time by Carlo Rovelli, who theorizes that time as we usually imagine it only exists because of a “blurred macroscopic perspective of the world that we encounter as human beings [and that] the distinction between past and future is tied to this blurring and would disappear if we were able to see the microscopic molecular activity of the world.” Along with the thought that humans create time itself, we are tying in quantum mechanics and the idea that nothing exists in a determinate state until an interaction occurs or a measurement is taken. In our clock, the time is indeterminate and blurred until we measure (by looking at the clock) which causes an exact time to be visible.

Art,Machine Learning