Mindful Matter

Mindful Matter is a conversation UI based interaction where users can use their voice and navigate a mindfulness website and relax themselves. The process involves interacting at various points with a website so that users can feel relaxed and away from their worries.

Ashwita Palekar



Mindful Matters was a project that I came up with in my moment of distress and anxiousness due to the pandemic scare shortly after the Thanksgiving break as a close contact of mine who I lived with was tested positive. At the moment, I went through many phases of emotions, and with many deadlines approaching for work, I was in a state of shock, the shock of my emotions that rendered me completely unproductive. I took the opportunity of this time and explore how I would go about navigating these emotions and hence came Mindful Matter.

ITPG-GT.2161.001, ITPG-GT.2988.001
Game Design and the Psychology of Choice (Online), Hello, Computer: Unconventional Uses of Voice Technology
Play/Games,Product Design