Building your own website in Jekyll w/ Osama Sehgol

Date/Time: Wednesday Jan 20, 1-2pm

Location: Room 50

Instructors: Osama Sehgol


=== Please read the Note after “Topics covered” ===

This course offers the first steps you can take to building your own website, which is not on WordPress and is hosted on your own server.

Topics covered:

1. Intro
2. Digital Ocean, Git and Jekyll (Nginx, Ruby) by following and explaining this tutorial;
3. Problems you may encounter
4. Use cases, benefits (password authentication etc)
5. Alternatives to DigitalOcean (Amazon’s EC2)
6. Further resources

NOTE – IMP IMP IMP Please read this:
1. The objective of the course is to help you learn to build your own website by doing.
2. Also to visualize answers to questions like: “how is a webserver different from an actual server” by actually deploying a web-server on a linux server.
3.1 You do not have to, but you can follow along what I’m doing.
3.2 This could include buying a $5/month server on DigitalOcean
3.3 I’m not equipped or experienced to troubleshoot complex ruby, Nginx, git or linux related problems that you may encounter (I will of course try).

Prerequisites: This session will use the command line. A credit card with $5 in it (for Digital Ocean droplet) – only if you are following along


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