Clickable English: Writing for Web Media w/ David Lockard

Time/Date: Wednesday Jan 20, 3-4PM

Instructor: David R. Lockard

Description:¬†We all know a good headline when we see it – that’s why we click it. But it’s one thing to spot one, and another to write one.

No matter what we’re doing, thinking about the ways in which content is packaged is of course rather important if one’s interested in getting people’s attention.

We’ve all been learning graphic design, the visual aspect of this – but it’d be a shame to neglect the language aspect. So I suggest a little workshop in which we practice basic wordsmithing principles, with an eye on self-promotion of the stuff we do at ITP. I offer the perspective of an online news desk editor – so I’ll go over topics such as headlines, hooks, the difference between writing for print and web; and also related stuff like the AP pyramid and clickbait.

Prerequisites:¬†Optional: Choose a project you’ve made/plan to make at ITP, and come to this session with a short text you’ve written about it, (try to keep it under 150 words) which explains what it’s about to somebody who hasn’t seen/played/interacted with it, and isn’t planning on looking at any documentation of it.

Documentation: (link)

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