LocalNet Adventure!!

Time/Date: Jan 25,  7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Room: Room 20

Instructor: Alden Rivendale Jones


The internet of today appears to us as a monolithic, totalizing force. In this workshop/alternate reality game we will do work to demystify it, imagine alternatives, and show how the internet doesn’t have to be the only network around. To do so we will engage with and explore a simulated infrastructure of pocket local networks, on something like a digital scavenger hunt. Our goal is to be playful with our network technologies while still being critical of their uses and impacts on our lives. Our primary tools are the command line, and Herbivore, an open-source packet sniffing and network visualization software. No previous experience with the command line or networks at all required, but participants will need to bring their own laptop.



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