Interactive Internet! Making Simple Multiplayer Games for the Web

Time/Date: Thursday 1-3 PM

Room: 407

Instructor: August Luhrs


In this hands-on workshop, we will introduce and code a simple browser-based framework that students can use to build multi-user interactive web pages for games, performance art, installations, and more. We will start from scratch, going over what websockets/ are, and then work together to build a couple simple examples in the browser. The primary tools we will be using are p5.js, node.js, and, but all in Glitch so no need to have stuff pre-installed. Since this is heavily drawn from material in Collective Play, this is good way to get a brief headstart for those enrolled this spring or a little taste for those who wanted to take Collective Play but couldn’t. Bring a laptop to code along and participate in the examples!

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