Networked Devices

Notes on the embedded OS boards and networked microcontrollers.


Arduino WiFi

These videos show a few things you might do with a WiFi-enabled Arduino like the MKR1010, MKR1000, or Nano 33 IoT. They introduce a couple libraries, the WiFiNINA library (for the MKR1010 and Nano 33 IoT) and the WiFi101 library (for the MKR1000) and the ArduinoHttpClient library. Most of these instructions should work with the ESP8266WiFi library as well.

  • Wifinina_startup – An introduction to the WiFiNINA and WiFi101 libraries for Arduino, using a Nano33IoT. Everything in this video should also work for the MKR1000 and MKR1010 using the WiFi101 library.
  • WiFI_status – How to check the status of your WiFi-connected Arduino, and get the MAC address.
  • ArduinoHttpClient – An introduction to the ArduinoHttpClient library.
  • ArduinoHttpClient_hue_control – An introduction to controlling the Philips Hue using the ArduinoHttpClient library.
  • DMX_sACN_intro – A brief intro to DMX-512, with very short summary of different fixtures, followed by a demo using QLC+ and a DMXKing eDMX Pro1.
  • DMX_sACN_Arduino – An intro to sending DMX-512 over streaming ACN (aka sACN, aka E1.31) from a WiFi-enabled Arduino.


Arduino Yún

BeagleBone Black

Raspberry Pi